Surface tangency problem

I’m trying create a blended surface with tangency on the flattened end of the attached model. I have tangent surfaces all around and am blending via a 2 rail sweep with tangent cross sections and with tangency selected in the dialog box. It all looks pretty good, except for some very slight issues indicated here:

Any tips on what I should do or errors that I’ve made that would allow for a better surface blend in these areas?

Tangency.3dm (645.2 KB)

Hi Michael- the problem I see if that the surfaces below this blend-like surface that wraps around, are not themselves quite tangent to one another, so that transition surface has to hiccup as it meets the non-tangent edges.


See same…beat me to it!

I was sure that I had tangency from the sidewalls to the base, but I guess not. I’ll double-check my curves and try the base again.

I think I see the issue; I seem to have tangency at the cross sections of the base sweep, but in between them, I’m losing tangency just a little bit. Maybe I need more cross section curves for better control?

Base.3dm (997.2 KB)

Hi Michael - since the bottom is planar, and parallel with the CPlane. select all points in the second row of points from the edge in the U direction (SelU) and SetPt in Z only to match the surface edge.


@pascal; Thanks for your help, it’s a beautiful transition now.