Surface Split Leaving Gaps on surface

I am trying to project some curves onto a surface, basically a site plan onto a topo. Everything projects and cuts the topo fine, but some of the new surfaces are patchy and the material doesn’t entirely cover it. You can hopefully see what I mean in the screenshot. The script itself is relatively basic, and it seems to work sometimes with other linework and topo, so I can’t figure out what is causing this. Does anyone know of a possible solution to this?

Project Site Lines To (50.6 KB)

You need to internalise your surface:


Crap, Sorry I thought I did. Here it is again. Project Site Lines To (1.2 MB)

What exactly are you trying to achieve? Chopping a surface up with a number of curves can be time consuming, so would be good to understand exactly what you’re after.

I’m trying to divide the topography to be able to apply different materials. So grass/roads/concrete sidewalks to export for rendering purposes. I’ve been able to get this to work fine, but there is either something weird in the linework, or I messed up something in the script. Sometimes must flattening a list or something simple seemed to fix it, but I cannot figure it out now. Unless there is just some better way to create a site model like this.

Personally I’d have my different outlines for each material in a different layer in Rhino, then bring them into GH with geometry pipeline. That way you can keep each material type in a separate tree branch. Also you can tidy your geometry up in Rhino before bringing into GH. Do you have the original geometry file?

Ok, Maybe I’ll try to break up the linework based on the materials like you said, at least then maybe I can pinpoint where it breaks. Sadly the linework internalized is the cleaned up geometry. It came from a civil file that was way more complicated and dirty than that linework.