Trying to split a surface to fit the site outline

i had patched the countour lines (imported from autocad) on rhino (since gh was taking too much time), but after the patch, the surface extends way beyond the contour lines. [attaching image]

i want to fix the shape only till the site outline…!

so i projected the site outline onto the surface + extruded it; and now i am trying to split it using split-brep, but very unsuccessfully ! the result i get is just a broken line

does anyone know what can be done to fix it / alternate method?
would be very helpful…

gumkhal (443.0 KB)

curves are not internalised

gumkhal (441.2 KB)

hello, thank you for replying…
i have internalized now [aplologies for earlier mistake]

You could use Surface Split.

gumkhal (435.4 KB)

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oh wow!
thank you so much :slight_smile: