Surface split into pieces after matching surface with a curve

Hello, I don’t understand the logic of splitting the surface into polysurface after match surface command with an edge to a curve, anyone understand about it? I just want to pull the edge as close as the curve’s shape without adding iso, and I don’t want it to convert to polysurface. Thank you.

240606_question1.3dm (82.7 KB)

Definitely not lol, much like anything else about Rhino’s behavior.

By the way, aren’t you supposed to get an options panel after running MatchSrf? Didn’t see that in your video:

I’m wondering why it’s different over here.

Anyway, I know this isn’t a grasshopper topic, nonetheless, because I’d still have to do a manual workaround, and given my ignorance of how to make it work without grasshopper, I resorted to it just for fun in order to ensure the result is still an untrimmed surface, either via Surface from points or Point deform, - both of which you probably cannot immediately count on! Haha.

If we replace one edge with the curve to be matched and form an Edge surface (which is not untrimmed here), we can pull and replace the original control points for a new Surface from points that will be untrimmed:

Here’s the file if it helps: (36.1 KB)

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Hello - the surface has curvature discontinuities - that is, it is internally only tangent (G1). After the match, the continuity is reduced to G0 and it is split at the kinks.



Thank you for the technical knowledge @pascal.

Regarding the Match Surface option(s) panel, why doesn’t it come up in the recording shared by @VinPo ? We were both using R8.


Hi René - presumably the dialog is on another screen.


Haha that makes a lot of sense!

I used Windows button+ G to take this video. I don’t know why the pop up are not shown.

i used match at closest point option for surface edge match with curve. The option panel did not show up in the video, I used win+G to take video
I should have learnt GH but I still know nothing about it.

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Click the closest point option

No worries - notify if you need help with some surfaces and/or need a .3dm.


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