Something unexpected with _MatchSrf



Hi everybody,

I’ve just created a couple of quad surfaces that I want to match together but I’m getting a prompt that I’ve never seen and I’m not finding anything related…

Has anybody ever got the message “Surface being changed can’t be part of a polysurface”??

I’m attaching some screenshots.

Thank you!

Here you can see the lines I’ve used. The red one is a G11 curve with 12 Cpoints… This may be a bit strange but I decided to use it in order to match the shape I recieved while I’m getting a single span curve.

Take a look at the command line… There is the message that is breaking my head.

Thank you again!

(Brian James) #2

Hi Jordi,

Can you post the two surfaces in their own 3dm using the Export command? I’d like to take a look.


Sure Brian,
Here you have…
Thank you!

_MatchSrf ISSUE.3dm (242.7 KB)


I don’t know how that happened but both quads are actually polysurfaces :flushed:
Explote them and you will see how they are formed… it’s a bit weird…
Thank you anyway and my apologies too.

(Brian James) #5

Glad you found the problem, that is a very thin surface.