Offset surface with curved edges


I have a surface with multiple curves joined together that I want to offset as one surface. The photo below shows the original surface and the offset surface, however when I used OffsetSrf it wasnt able to connect some edges. I changed the offset distance but that didnt change anything.

What is the solution to getting those edges to connect? thanks for your help.

Untitled.3dm (539.5 KB)

Might need to fix those 2 naked edges first.

Funny. Can patch that surface in another cad package and offset without any issue. In Rhino the offset immediately creates a surface with naked edges again.

No issue in other cad:

Issue in Rhino:

Hi @user1238
Also, making objects almost 30 meters long with a tolerance of 0.001mm is just asking for trouble :grimacing: I would change the tolerance to something more reasonable, untrim all the surfaces and then re-trim them with each other. I’m pretty sure the offset will work better then.
HTH, Jakob

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Hey, I remade that surface by trimming with each other and increased the tolerance and it worked.

Thanks for your help @Normand

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