Cannot Offset Surface

Hey guys~

I’m having trouble figuring out why I can’t offset this surface. I am doing a tutorial which many of you may have seen : . I am at 13:16 where he instructs to delete my curves, select my surface and offset it by .6. Every time I setup the offset and hit enter it just states "failed to offset 9 surfaces. For curiosity’s sake I’ve even tried to toggle with “offset” settings and i can’t get anything happen besides a failure. I can link a screenshot if needed.

Thanks again helpful community. I want to finish this cool tutorial and print out this class ring for my dnd group as a new years gesture, and bragging rights!

Thank you all again for your help


Hi Thomas,

A 3D file is always the fastest way to find what is wrong but from your telling i suggest you to check your offset surface command tolerance. if it is bigger than the offset distance you may get an error.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the response. Where can i find this out?

Sorry to super newb it. thanks.


select offset surface command and look to the command line :wink:

Class ring 2.3dm (472.9 KB)

Ahh yes, foolish me I went to tools/options to find a setting.

Anyhow, it seems to be set properly. I’ve attached the file. It should be on the curve that I am trying to offset, a large oval with text. If anyone finds the time hopefully you can find something obvious that I am missing.

I will note that I also had problems offsetting curves on this surface, and because of it I had to improvise to create the top and bottom curves on the surface in the file ( bordering the text ).

I think it is time that I begin to learn some more fundamental knowledge about this program and not just do tutorials. Perhaps this will better help me in fixing my own problems.

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The main reason I showed this tutorial to you is because it is quite complicated and once you get through it, it puts you in a comfort zone when you take on easier projects. This said I had to try four different times prior to getting things like the tutorial shows. Don’t give up you might be wise to start a new ring from scratch and do your best to get things exactly as they are in the tutorial, if you end up doing it your own way (which I did too) it messes things up. Don’t give up on this drawing it is one of the best learning tutorials out there to bring you up to speed in jewelry design.

All my best … Danny

P.S. I downloaded the videos, in doing this it is easy to go back and forth until you get it, many of the things Serigo shows goes by so fast it is best to have the video on your machine so you can pause and back up a bit easily.

Hi Cyle - I did this:

  • Selected the surface, Split with all the curves, and ShrinkTrimmedSrf the resulting bits.
  • Selected all the letters (surfaces), not the ‘islands’ and OffsetSrf, Solid=Yes, .25 units. All letters offset and formed closed solids.

So far as I can see it all worked, no bad objects or anything.


@lopacki , It was excellent of you to suggest this tutorial. Right from the start the man began to use tools I had already been trying to find on my own. Excellent. Thank you.

This file came from my 2nd attempt to make the ring. So far so good until I had to offset curves onto the domed item with lettering, and i suppose my oval dimensions were backwards but that shouldn’t have made a difference. There were a few kinks I tried to smooth out before this issue. My only complaint was how frustrating it can be when you are copying something (seemingly) step by step and something refuses to work without an explanation. sigh the learning experience! At least it’s interesting. Lastly I agree, having the videos downloaded is a must. He moves fast!

@Pascal Firstly, thank you for responding to all of my threads so quickly. You are a valuable person on these threads. Secondly, I will try that right now.

Thank you both for your friendly support. Back to the grind!


Finally got through the tutorial. Thank you all. Learned a ton. C

Please ignore the horrid rendering!

When you shop rendering software I highly recommend Brazil. If you do not have neon on your machine yet its a must and free. Below a ring rendered in Brazil.

All my best … Danny