Surface not showing up

Hi there, I am trying to create a surface using the PlanarSrf command. The surface exists, but it is invisible. I made sure the curve was not intersecting using the _TestCrvSelfIntersection command and it found 0 points. I am not sure what is going on, but I know from experience to fix it before moving on! thank you in advance for your help!
trees.3dm (318.7 KB)

Hi Courtney -
When I open your file, I find 2 curves (well, 4…) and 1 surface:

Are you not seeing that surface on your side?

Courtney, what happens if you use the SelSrf command? Does the command line tell you that a surface was selected?

Hi @wim- yes sorry I should have been more clear. I was trying to make a surface out of the other curve. That one was showing up transparent with just the cross hair lines to show that there was a surface there.
trees.3dm (665.3 KB) I just uploaded the file with the transparent surface!

Yes @davidcockey it does say that a surface was selected.

I found the problem. The curve crosses itself. PlanarSrf should identify the problem but for some reason in this situation it does not. @wim Looks like this should go on the pile for someone to look into.

File has red loops drawn around the problem area: LinePlaneDC01.3dm (66.6 KB)

How I found the problem:
Checked the layer and object properties and did not see anything unusual.
Used PlanarSrf on the curve and the problem repeated.
Untrimmed the surface and it shaded properly. Suspected problem was with the curve.
Checked the curve and it is valid object.
Started successively splitting the trimmed surface using Split with Isocurve option. After each split all but one part of the split surface was shaded.
Eventually the unshaded area was small enough I saw the cusp and suspected it was the problem.

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