Surface Normal Issues

Using version 5 SR11…

Since updating to SR10 Rhino has been having an unusual problem creating surfaces with normals in the wrong direction. Say I have an existing surface that I’m adding a surface patch too…the new surfaces have a tendancy now to create facing the wrong direction to my existing surfaces or to my view of the model. This was never a problem before but has become very cumbersome in my workflow with selecting them and reversing them individually.

Any ideas on correcting this problem?

Hi Brian- my guess is that you are seeing the problem where back faces are shading darker than front faces, is that correct? The bug is that- the display - not how the surfaces are being made. Normally, the two sides shade the same in the default modes and you cannot tell which way a surface is facing. At any rate this should be fixed in the next SR11 release candidate, which is due out soon.