Matchsrf multiple surfaces?

Hi Rhino Pros,

I am trying to create a nice flowing surface between a planar surface and 3 joined surfaces that happens to have a fillet in it.

How should I go about creating this? Is it possible to matchsrf multiple surfaces together like this?

I’ve attached the rhino file if it helps.

Thank you so much!

Matchsrf problem.3dm (64.3 KB)

I split your planar surface into three pieces and shrunk them using ShrinkTrimmedSrf.

Then MatchSrf segment after segment.

Joined the result into one polysurface.

Matchsrf problem.3dm (95.7 KB)


If you also run the command MergeAllCoplanarFaces you get the following:


// Rolf


for the moment it is possible to match the edge of a surface on several edges …
but the reverse is not possible for the moment.
you have to do it one by one.
if you can the most logical way is not to make any small fillet between the surfaces before matching them to the adjacent surfaces.
in your example, you risk losing the continuity of the small area after the operation.
you will often have to correct the continuity again. which leads you to do things twice.
(I admit that I also fall into this trap when I model.

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Yes, very true. Efficient modelling means you do the theory (=main surfaces) first until you get a water-tight shape (doesn’t always work, but most of the time it does).To blend/fillet is then the second-step. Sometimes you have to go back to the theory, if you run into bad visuals, because if your main surfaces are twisted or of bad quality, then you also get bad fillets/blends. It’s that simple!

Bytheway, I would not shrink the original surface just for the sake of matching, instead I would copy the surface to match, and then I would split-shrink-match the copy. Furthermore, I would prevent to model uncurved surfaces. Optically seen, any surface should be crowned. At least in one direction. This just increases the overall visual quality of a model! As always, there are exceptions to all these rules.

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exactly. what you said is a golden rule.

if that should not be the only rule to follow by modelers.

I guess this is the main rule you follow in the automotive business.?

good technique!