Surface Iso Curves

Hello Guys,
I am trying to extract isocurves from a surface at specific points, the issue is that I cannot properly extract the corresponding {uv} coordinates of these points.
Can anyone help please ? (files are attached)
ThanksWorking File.3dm (9.7 MB) Working (10.5 KB)

You’ll need u & v parameters of the surfaces, not the points themselves for Iso Curve.

Working (140.3 KB)
And you don’t have to use every u & v parameters per column…

Working (173.9 KB)

If you can organize your column order well, then it would be much better.

Working (143.9 KB)

Hi HS_Kim, yes this is why I am doing this exercise to check out if the columns are following roof curvature, they should be modified accordingly of course. Thanks for your help.
On the other hand, is it possible to transform this roof into tiny planar surfaces keeping as much as possible the desired curvature ?
Thank you so much.