Duplicate Isocurves from mixed up Points

Hey folks,

I’ve been sitting on this problem for a while now without finding a solution.
I have a set of control points from which I want to create isocurves on a surface. Unfortunately duplicates are created (one isocurve for each point).

The problem now is that the points have no order within the list (see list item) so I can’t manage to extract only the edge points to use them for the isocurves.

I am glad about any answer.

Isocurves.gh (18.2 KB)

Isocurves_re.gh (24.5 KB)


Hey, wow, thank you very much!

Maybe I should have mentioned, that the Points come frome the “Staggered Quad Panels” tool out of lunchbox. Maybe that makes it a little less complicated… ?

Isocurves_2.gh (17.3 KB)