Surface invisible in render

Using rhino7 for windows and encountered the most peculiar bug today:
I have two surfaces one is trimmed and one isn’t. They share all attributes. Their UVNs are matching. Yet, the trimmed surface doesn’t show when rendering.
I even tried to make a mesh from the trimmed version and reconstructed it: the mesh doesn’t show either.
I don’t understand. (Attached the rhino file, a screen capture form the viewport and one from the rendering window (5.4 MB)

i dont see anything wrong all three show up in render, what are you rendering it on?
gpu, cpu, drivers up to date?

You may want to update to Rhino 7.7, this file is created with Rhino 7.1.

And I guess you’re rendering with V-Ray. This renders fine with Rhino Render.

edit: ah well, maybe the textures aren’t coming over well in Rhino Render.
edit2: a quick conversion to PBR material and setting the texture works though.