Surface From Points On Multiple Curves


I am trying to create surfaces from points based on multiple curves at the same time and I don’t know how I could get different surfaces for each curve. Currently, when I use the Surface From Points component a continuous surface is created instead of two or three different ones. Also, the script works fine when I have only one curve as input but it shows the above problem when I use more than one curve. I am attaching the gh below.

Surface From Points On Multiple (13.1 KB)

Thank you in advance

You cannot flatten the points because that eliminates the tree structure.

Looking at the G output of the Move component right before the Surface From Points component, it shows a lot of paths with 11 items each. If you shift these paths -1, you end up with three paths with 121 points each. Which is what’s required for the Surface From Points component…

Surface From Points On Multiple (19.9 KB)

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Thank you for your reply Martin, very helpful!

From what I have seen in the forum, you have to flatten when you use Surface From Points component or otherwise the component will fail to give you correct outputs. Although, I know that if you flatten you will lose your tree structure and then you cannot apply the same process for different instances, so I don’t know how to resolve that. Your solution is very close to what I need, although as you can see from the screenshot the outcome is not right as each surface is different.


What I want to achieve is every surface to be the same as the one below.

Again thank you for your time!
Please let me know if you can think of a solution to that issue.

I have not fully understood what you want to do with the closest point attractor.

You might just have to shift paths earlier.

Surface From Points On Multiple Curves (1).gh (20.6 KB)

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Sorry, I haven’t explained that very well, but that is exactly what I want!
Thank you Martin!

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