Creating a surfaces from points - more complicated than it sounds

Hi all

I am trying to create a set of surfaces from points which I extracted from a set of lines. all the points read as 0. I have a attached both my script and a quick screen grab of what I am trying to do. I need each of the groups of three to create a small triangle. from this I can then find the centre of each one to create an end line of my surface. any advice would be appreciated!


for further info

You can use proximity 3D

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Thanks! could you possibly post the script back so that I can see how it fully works?!

No problem I didn’t add many things

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Thank you! I thought I was close!

Attached another approach, starting with the original lines endpoints, so you have a structured datatree from the start.STRUCTURE FOR (83.4 KB)

also noticed one of your curves has flipped offset…

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