Surface from a network of 3 curves

I’ve tried everything I could think and I could find.
I would like to create a network of curves from the attached curves.
None of the tools seems to be able to create a surface (as a shell) from these closed or exploded curves.
I’m attaching a file of these curves, so that maybe someone can help out.
It seems very basic, but I couldn’t figure it out for hours.

Network of curves.3dm (542.5 KB)

If you mean the NetworkSrf command, no way.
Have a look at the Help file article for it.

Since it has 6 sides, if you want a single surface it will need to be trimmed.
If it can be a polysurface, It looks like a trimmed top triangular surface with 3 rectangular surface “legs” filleted together would produce that shape.

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Just use surface from planar curves for the top and patch for your table’s legs. Mind you, the leg curves aren’t good quality; too many control vertices. The curves of one leg are also a wee bit wonky. See the attached file. The straight part of the legs, touching the floor, should probably also be a separate surface. A straight line attached to a curve yields bad data for further use.

Network of curves.3dm (597.7 KB)

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That’s just a piece of a larger handcrafted wooden frame of a chair. I know that the curves are not the most precise work you’ve ever seen, but I’m converting it in the end to T-Spline surfaces, so that takes care of the problem.

Here is the frame as a whole with the problematic meeting spot where the three pieces meet.
I tried bridging it with T-Splines itself, but it’s restricted to only two face groups.

I think I’ve wasted all the possibilities my Rhino knowledge allows me to, to get this to work seamlessly.
If anyone has any idea how to bridge these three directions together at once, please share your process.

I’ll have to go about as @John_Brock and @Lagom suggested. Thank you.

*** Am I doing this wrong? Should I be posting technical questions like this one at ? Correct me if I’m wrong.

You could use the Fusion tspline Pipe command to create the intersection , then use Match to match the ends to your imported Rhino nurbs. You Pipe the centerline.

Or, if you were to convert to tsplines in Fusion and Pipe the intersection, you would then Weld the vertices together.

Or you build the whole thing in Fusion if a sub-d is the goal.

Or you learn to do that type of y-intersection with nurbes in Rhino. There are threads on y.

Many ways to approach this…

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you can simply introduce a triangle in the middle split the other curves with them and use edge surface or sweep2 etc…


So simple and so genius!!

I extruded the outline of the meeting point, did some filleting and blending and connected with Boolean Union.
This is much cleaner. I will redo it now.

Thank you mate.

This is the easiest solution.

Network of curves.3dm (660.2 KB)Hi, I rebuilt your curves and made it this way. Dont know if it would work .—Mark

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Already finished with that. I used @RichardZ method.
Was this done the same way with Sweep2-ing?

All in all, it’s good enough solution for similar problems in the future.

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