Surface error after filletEdge

After making filletEdge on the edge between the single-span surface and the ExtrudeCrvTapered product surface I have 100 errors like this.

This is a filetEdge product.

What is that?
How to prevent that error?
How to fix them all at once without manually rebuilding each separately which consumes a lot of time?

bad_srf.3dm (101.5 KB)

Hello- please post the input for this fillet. The problem is there are (nearly) stacked control points at the end of the fillet and it folds on itself.


Do you know something about giving surface like that to production for CNC. Will it work?

Hello- I do not know specifically but I would not be surprised if these caused trouble. Please post the input, or send to


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Thanks, I will do that later.

Do you know maybe how to detect it in other way than by eye?

I think I`ve found what causes that. It is because of G0 (lack of tangency) across patches produced from
ExtrudeCrvTapered - that thread: ExtrudeCrvTapered problems (please fix it) - #22 by mdesign

It causes those problems in fillets.