Surface edge repair for lofting?

is there a means to repair the representation of a surface’s edge such that it will support lofting or is remove & replace the only alternative?? I have a tubular surface created with “Sweep1” that’s been trimmed with “Trim” using another surface that presents itself in pieces to the “Loft” command. see picture below. since cracking a little of the code I’ve done three other tube assemblies without running into this situation… I’ve tried an auxiliary circle to no avail; “Loft” will create the fillet surface but “Join” won’t join it to the offending surface edge.


You could use MergeEdge before lofting. Or DupEdge + join. Or DupBorder.

Hi Art - MergeAllEdges may help here. But… you will not get a circle - you’ll get a series of curves, joined into a circle-ish thing. I it is possible that DupEdge and SimplifyCrv will get you a circle back but I would not count on it. If the curve you want should be a circle - draw a circle and use that. A Circle > 3Pt is a good way.


thanks guys; “MergeAllEdges” did the trick!! any thoughts on why the same methodology yields different results with different geometry?? do I have an unaccounted for process variable or is it just something I need to accept with Rhino?