Surface edge color reduction and object selection problems


Try this: start Rhino, open Rhino preferences, display modes, go to ‘shaded’ (or any other display mode that hasn’t been altered) and set surface edge color reduction to 70 % (for instance), exit Rhino preferences. Make two boxes (or whatever objects) side by side - or overlapping (so you could boolean them in to one object). Click on the common edge between the boxes and make sure that the object selection box pops up. Notice that the highlight color is the normal pink. Save the file.
Exit rhino, start Rhino and open the previous file. Try the above selection-highlight-test with the overlapping objects. The highlight color isn’t pink anymore, but almost black, which makes it impossible to see what you are supposed to select. It seems that the edge reduction color also ‘reduces’ the pink to a 70 % black - which it shouldn’t.

This isn’t a specific Mac problem - we have the exact same same problem on the Windows side.
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Same problem in V6 WIP also.


(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Philip - thanks, I’ll check this,

Got it, thanks.



Is anyone seeing this? Sorry for being impatient… :wink:


(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Philip - I do see it and added a bug report - see my post above.



Ok, great! Thanks Pascal :slight_smile:



Any news here? It would be great to have this fixed. ‘Edge reduction’ isn’t exactly useful as it is…


(Dan Belcher) #9

No news. This will not be included in Rhino 5 for Mac, but will have to wait until Rhino 6 (on both platforms).


Yes, sorry… I forgot to mention that I tested it yesterday on Rhino V6 (WIP) for windows - and it still doesn’t work.
Any idea when we can expect this to be fixed?
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(Jeff Lasor) #11

This was on Steve’s list, and was scheduled for 6.x. I’ve moved it over to my list for 6.0 and will try to get to it as soon as I can.


Great! Thank you Jeff :slight_smile:


(Jeff Lasor) #13

@Philip Just wanted to give you a heads up on this one… I’ve just fixed this…so if you’re on Daily WIP updates, you should see it in tomorrow’s WIP…otherwise you’ll see it in next week’s WIP.

(Dan Belcher) #14

RH-38791 is fixed in the latest WIP for Windows. (This belongs in Serengeti, but this is being posted here because it was reported here). It ought to be fixed in Rhino 6 for Mac and we can verify when there is a RhinoWIP for Rhino 6 for Mac available.


Tank you @jeff and @dan!