Custom color for naked edges?

Is there a way to set up a custom color for the display of naked edges? I seem to recall this being an option in display modes on the Windows version, but I can’t find it on the Mac.

if you’re refering to edge analysis you can just click on the square swatch (I think its pink by default), then the colour options window opens up, click on the colour you wish to change it too, not sure if that answers your question, hope it does

Rhinoceros > Preferences > Display Modes > [name] > Objects tab > Surfaces > Naked edge usage.

@John_Brock I never thought of doing it that way, I just do it when I’m in the edge analysis command, from the pop up window I just click the colour swatch, if I change it in the preferences does that make it a permanent change ?

Yes. Then it’s just part of the named display mode and you don’t have to add objects to the analysis mode.

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Thanks, Miles, but I’m trying to do what John is describing.

John, that’s where I looked for the color option, but I don’t see it. I only have “Edge thickness” and “Color reduction” options:

It looks like, when “Naked edge usage” is set to “Use separate settings for naked edges”, the naked edges are always displayed using the layer color.

More strange naked edge behavior:

In a display mode, if “General > Surface edge settings > Edge thickness” is set to 0, “Objects > Surfaces > Naked edge usage” is set to “Use separate settings for naked edges”, and “Objects > Surfaces > Edge thickness” is set to something greater than 0, I would expect naked edges to be visible. And they are, but only if “Show isocurves” is turned on.

Added bug report MR-2806

Thanks, John.