Surface Edges - Color reduction

Latest WIP - I have my edge thickness set to 2 px in my personal display mode. I have only been using GH on this system for a while and therefore haven’t noticed that now all edges of objects are white. My Color Reduction is at 100% and so they should be black. When I increase the edge thickness to 3 px, the edges become black.

Hi Wim - 100% reduction = Black here , so far. This morning. Once you get it to change to black at 3 px, does it revert to white if you go back to 2 px width, or does it stick.


It reverted back to white.
There must be something more going on though. The images that I posted in the text pixelation thread show a red box with black edges.
I will have to try and find out more.

Pascal, I tried to look into this a bit more.
Today the edge curves are red… go figure?

[EDIT: in a simple file with one object, the color of the edges seems to be related to the color of the layer the object is on - but not the active layer. In the file that I noticed this first, I’m not sure what sets the color. All objects on all layers (with all different colors) get the same edge color - which is not the current layer color.]

I start a new file - simple cube on red layer. Edges are black.
I call my NamedView v1 (Single clipping plane in the XZ plane) and the edges turn red(ish).

Non-clipped view (layer with clipping planes on):

Clipped view (layer with clipping planes on):

Clipped view (layer with clipping planes off - note the lack of caps):

Same thing but edge thickness changed to 3 px:

FWIW, now running the March 8th release and still observing the same thing.

It’s not only the surface edges that are affected by this - dimension lines are also changed.
In the following images, the box is on a blue layer, the dimension on a red layer that is default.

Hi Wim - thanks, I’ll try some of this… I suspect Steve Baer will eventually need to poke his head in on this one.

OK, I see some of this at least - I’ll make some bug reports - thanks.


Added some comments and an excel file to the bug report now.

@jeff, This appears to be fixed in the 2016-04-12 version. I guess RH-33268 can be closed then.