Surface Direction Bug

Is the below a bug?

Okay so, I got confused and it looked like this was fixed. The issue is about if you run Dir on multiple objects specifically, where you’re given the option to jump in/out of modes that surface clicking affects. If you SwapUV, then Go into a V-Reverse/U-Reverse, you are no longer affecting the white arrow, which I’m guessing the point of is to guide what you are affecting? So momentarily, you the white arrow will not be correctly showing the correct direction which you are affecting. maybe it’s be design though. Or, in other words, the UV / RG mapping isn’t maintained.

Hello - I am not sure I follow 100% but the white arrow shows what will be affected when you click on a surface - either the U, the V, or the normal. The short blue stub that shows sometimes opposite the white arrow on the normal indicates the natural normal, it is not always the same as the, errr, ‘functional’ normal, for want of a better phrase.


Hi Pascal - apologies, it’s probably not the most explanatory video. Between about 6 and 12 seconds, you can see the green arrow is affected on the left surface, rather than the white. This is after a Swap UV.

Hello- yes, I see, thanks, I’ll try to reproduce it.