Surface curve

please help how to do this on curved surface

please help how to do this on curved surface.3dm (505.9 KB)

Hi - I’m not completely sure what you are trying to do. Perhaps the Pull command is what you are looking for?

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thank you for your feedback, I have tried many different ways, but it can’t follow the surface

I think what @wim is looking for, is what “this” is? What are you trying to do? Are you trying to make the surface follow the curves or are you trying to get the curves to follow the surface? Or something completely different?
As already mentioned, if the curves are supposed to be on the surface, use either Pull or Project on the existing curves and surface. Or you can try InterpcrvOnSrf to draw directly onto the surface, although that can sometimes be hard to control.
HTH, Jakob

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There is also the plug-in CurveOnSurface for creating curves directly on a surface. CurveOnSurface | Food4Rhino

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Missed that one - always good to learn of new little toys :grinning:

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hi, i want the curves to follow the surface.

Hello - InterpCrvOnSrf may be the command you are looking for. If that does not help, please post an example file.


OK, @noithatchiaki
So you start the Pull command and follow the instructions in the command prompt. Is that the result you are looking for? If no, why not?