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Hello everybody,
I’m having trouble with this part. How can I blend it nicely?

try0523.3dm (207.9 KB)

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well there’s many srf’s and they’re all basically degree 5 in one direction and degree 3 in the other.

so, depending on the intent, there’s one out of infinity ways to do it.

you could blend these edges:

then you could patch it, or somem:


now depending on intent, you might want to rebuild everything.

An approach using untrimmed surfaces:

try0523DC01.3dm (2.2 MB)

The surfaces need adjusting where the corners meet to enable continuity. of the blending surfaces.

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thanks for the comment how can I cover this surface in good quality

hjjk.3dm (144.9 KB)

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When you’re constantly running into these odd patches(yes that one’s only 4-sided it’s not so bad) to fill in you need to rethink how you’re making these shapes. Your original question had umpteen surfaces for what is fundamentally…three? 1 large base surface with 2 fillets/blends to other surfaces.

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So what could be done here?

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trying to make g2 connection

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By the way, I use rhino6, can you make your posts in this format

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Well the best I can do in 1 minute is demonstrate by simplifying this to a square object with fillets, I’m saying this is what you’re trying to do, just with no flat surfaces, so make it like that. Think about your base surfaces and how they extend and intersect and are rounded off, instead of “how do I make a web of patches between these edges.”

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