Surface Closest Point

Does it work with polysurfaces? I have polysurfaces and cant put them in

Yeah I realised I have polysurfaces and need to convert them into surfaces.

The file I posted has a single surface, not a polysurface, and what I suggested works fine. If it was a polysurface, many other components you are using would fail.

Attractor (20.9 KB)

If it were a polysurface and you somehow got around other components that require a surface, you could move a copy of the extruded circles “backwards” (-x/2 of the extrusion vector) and use them to split the brep:

This is the kind of question you could have answered yourself more quickly than waiting for an answer from the forum.

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Thanks Joseph, I had looked through the forums and found the solution since then. But appreciate your time in doing so this was a quicker way of doing it. So for the future I will use this!

In general try to avoid booleans altogether when possible, since they are very resource hungry. Often you can just do splits and stitch all into a closed brep.
In case you DO need booleans, have a look at this.

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Good for you! Why are you talking about a polysurface? Different file?
SplitMul (Split Brep Multiple) is WAY SLOWER than SrfSplit but both work.

I think I got confused with the surface split. Was my mistake.