GrassHopper - Map grid onto 3D surface

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to achieve a square grid on a building facades that reacts to an attractor curve.
To do so, I built my grid on a XY plane and manage to set some subdivides parameter to increase the grid density for the points that are the farthest from the curve. I also tried to rotate that grid so that my facades would have an non-orthogonal grid on it.

Anyway, when it comes down to map my grid on the four sides of the facades, things get a bit “messy”. It seems that my grid shrinks to fit onto only one of the four sides…
Any tips on how to achieve this ?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

2101_Grid facade_20211116.3dm (118.7 KB)
2101_Metal (33.2 KB)

Try to graft your target surface input.

2101_Metal (34.6 KB)

Thank you @HS_Kim !

However, I still can’t map that grid on the whole 4 sides. It seems that the pattern is scale down and repeated on every side instead of a complete continues pattern… any idea?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I somehow figure out that it was easier to just extrude my facades and then to divide them into grids…
However, would you have any solution to rotate the grid about like 15 degrees or so?

I’ve tried with diamond grid but obviously it ain’t working except if I want a 45 degree square grid…

2101_Grid facade_20211116.3dm (129.4 KB)
2101_Metal (59.8 KB)

It’s obvious because you only made one pattern using curve attractor and apply it to four different surfaces…so the result, they don’t match. What would you expect?

Check this as well.

Facade (18.0 KB)


@HS_Kim I thought that since I used the whole 4 facades total perimeter to produce the grid and a bounding box, the mapping would have been all around but I figured out that since it’s a “non-continuous” surface, it doesn’t work at all…

I do agree that I’m “noob” on GrassHopper and I highly appreciate your help!
But please…watch your tone :slight_smile: