Surface Closest Point

Point curve/attractors? I am not sure how to use those components? Could you help me with that?

As mentioned, do a search here on the forum, as there are many examples of this already. e.g.:

I will attempt that now, and come back to you if im stuck! Thanks so much (currently stressing majorly)

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I have attempted this and seems like this file works. But not sure how to change the facing of the circles, they are facing one direct and would like them to work with the surface.

Attractor (18.5 KB)

see light blue group:

Attractor (14.1 KB)

Will attempt now, I’ll get back to you thank you Gijs!

Hey Gijs, sorry mate I have another question. I want to use a curve attractor to plot the holes aswell, I am trying a script but its using different shapes. How could I combine this to the current file. I am using this? (29.7 KB)

your file is missing geometry

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Hey Gijs, I am trying to extrude the circles in the direction they are facing but this is the outcome. What would I need to alter?

Attractor (22.2 KB)

You want to use surface normal for each point, generally with an Amplitude component.

Attractor (21.7 KB)

You might also want to cull extrusions less than a certain radius?

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Oh that’s fantastic. Thank you Joseph, exactly what I needed. I knew I was using the wrong component.

Hey Joseph,

I am now trying to remove the surface from the inside of the holes whilst leaving the entire surface intact. Would I go about this using a solid difference component?

Split Surface. See this post, version ‘b’:

Does it work with polysurfaces? I have polysurfaces and cant put them in

Yeah I realised I have polysurfaces and need to convert them into surfaces.

The file I posted has a single surface, not a polysurface, and what I suggested works fine. If it was a polysurface, many other components you are using would fail.

Attractor (20.9 KB)

If it were a polysurface and you somehow got around other components that require a surface, you could move a copy of the extruded circles “backwards” (-x/2 of the extrusion vector) and use them to split the brep:

This is the kind of question you could have answered yourself more quickly than waiting for an answer from the forum.

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Thanks Joseph, I had looked through the forums and found the solution since then. But appreciate your time in doing so this was a quicker way of doing it. So for the future I will use this!

In general try to avoid booleans altogether when possible, since they are very resource hungry. Often you can just do splits and stitch all into a closed brep.
In case you DO need booleans, have a look at this.

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Good for you! Why are you talking about a polysurface? Different file?
SplitMul (Split Brep Multiple) is WAY SLOWER than SrfSplit but both work.

I think I got confused with the surface split. Was my mistake.