Control spacing of circles when perforating

I am trying to create a panel with peforation. I got it to do everything I want but I cant seem to control the spacing of the circles. I can make more or less columns/ rows on the number slider (connected to the divide domain), but I want the to control the dimension of spacing and make the circles exactly .188" apart from one another. (16.3 KB)
It might seems complex but it isn’t.
Works best with pure rectangular surfaces.

Is there a way to do it with a triangle? also how can you transfer this onto multiple different surfaces?

There are so many ways to play this game, and the forums (old and “new”) are full of them:

When I input this in, it make points but did not cut any of my surface. How did you do this?

set the “Closed” input of the Polyline component to True.

how do I do that?

jk got it!! thank you so much!!!