Surface Bounding Boxes

I have a question regarding my homework in Grasshopper:

I’ve created a flat grid of planar meshes and divided them into three areas, and I have assigned different modules of the single areas to the bounding box.

I tried to do the same with a free loft flat (ie without a planar grid), but unfortunately it did not work out.
Is it possible to subdivide a loft area into 2-3 smaller areas, which are again divided into modules?

The idea is to distribute different modules on a free surface.

It would be great if someone could help. Thank (17.8 KB)
DE_Aufgabe2.3dm (180.5 KB)

I don’t see no attempt to use a free loft in your files so I don’t know what it is, you tried and failed.

Just to recap what you are doing:

  • you genereate a set of quadrilaterals (from a distorted grid)
  • you create twisted boxes from these quads
  • you sort your boxes int three categories and
  • you transform your three shapes into the according twisted box.

What’s different for a loft ist the creation of the twisted boxes. The rest is the same.

What you need to do is to divide the loft (or any surface) into quads. Then create the twisted boxes with a height offset to the surface.

Since there’s a lot of ways to divide a surface or evaluate the position of a point in the UV coordinate space on the surface, you should probably recap your course script using some of the above keywords.

Thank you for your answer, the problem is solved.