Supressing Edge Joining dialog box


Is there a way to suppress this confirmation dialog box. I dont remember it popping up in R5, but through R6 and now in R7 it pops up and is rather annoying when an extra click is necessary to complete the Join Edge command. I searched the settings and didnt see a check box to enable or disable this, but maybe its found somewhere else.

Hello - do you really mean to use JoinEdge or will just Join do? If Join is failing at the current tolerance, then I’d fix the model JoinEdge does not really change anything in the underlying surfaces .

And, no there is no way to suppress the confirmation box as far as I know.


Join in these instances is not preferred because there are some edges of the polysurface we dont want to join to others due to how the polysurface will unfold. Join Edge just joins the selected edges that are touching where selected. Otherwise, the process would be Join, then Unjoin the edges we dont want joined. Both are used at different times.

Hello - just in case it helps, UnjoinEdge.