Superimposed Revit Details on 3D Model in Rhino

Hi there,

Just wondering if it is possible to get the plane coordinates of the cut plane from a detail or view in Revit. Also wondering if you can extract all the 2D elements from the view, I’m getting linework but detail families aren’t coming through.

I’m trying to extract detail views and superimpose on the model in rhino. Something like this:


An interesting question. Will look into it when I get a chance.

You can extract annotation items using class filter btw.

Matt, I’ve toyed around with this a bit a while ago & there are a few things you can do. I’ll see if i can find anything useful.

There will be more components coming eventually that will support this workflow.

If you query the element dependent component will give you everything involved about the view, so will need to be filtered for the appropriate objects.

This bit of python will return the bounding box associated with the view as a box in rhino. (3.9 KB)

Hi Japhy,

Thanks for that! This is extremely useful for checking 2 detail geometry against 3d model.

It’s working pretty good at the moment:

I used the export view as image component:

The only issue is that the exported image doesn’t exactly match the view frame.

It looks like it is including my grid bubble outside the frame so when I match it to the surface extracted from the crop box the detail gets squished a bit and doesn’t align vertically quite right.

Is there an easy way to crop the image to the crop frame?

Thanks again!