Work on the 2D drawing (Plan, Elevation, Section etc.)

Hi all, I wonder if we can work on the Revit 2D drawings? For the first step, I wonder how can I copy and “bake” Revit’s 2D drawings into Rhino?

I try the Graphical Element but it just copy the 3D geometry into Rhino, not the 2D section.

The 2D section doesn’t exist, you are seeing the cut representations of the 3D elements.

Here is a detailed explanation of how that could be derived.

Hi Japhy, thanks for your reply. Seems “SectionCutGeo” is another add-in for Revit? I am more interested in whether RIR can do some 2D modify on a Revit section.

Say I want to use the “Cut Profile” function to modify the slab on the section(as shown above).
How can I “copy” the Revit Section to Rhino or provide some reference for Rhino, so I can draw lines on the right location? And when I finish drawing, the lines pass to the right location on Revit section?

Hi Jack,

You could do something like this…

Make your own intersections of Revit Element Geometry, then draw something on the View Plane to push back to Revit as a Detail item for that View. (11.0 KB)

Great! Thanks Japhy~

Hi Japhy,

Are these from Revit components? thanks

Those are on the Rhino tab in Rhino 8.

Oh, I am using R7, we don’t have R8 yet? cheers

Just wondering if the full development of RIR components is going to be available only R8?

The RiR components are dependent on the Revit API version, not Rhino. We will see how Revit 2025 changes things, we currently have some components already not available for older Revit versions (Add Ceilings). New RiR components will be available in Rhino 7 and 8 for the foreseeable future.