Sunpath Animation with proRender

Cant get the SetOneDaySunAnimation with RecordAnimation to work… I want to create a OneDaySunAnimation, where I render each frame with ProRender. Tried it with a simple box with these settings:

and what I am getting is this first image:

then three gray images:

and then the rest are duplicates of this image:

@Joshua_Kennedy, does the RecordAnimation with the SetOneDaySunAnimation work on your Mac?

Yes, I’m seeing a similar problem on both Windows and Mac. I’ve logged a bug and will take a closer look.

I guess the same problem applies to Cycles as well no?

I don’t think you shouldn’t be using the ProRender as the Capture Method but instead Capture Full with ProRender as the active renderer. When recorded this way I got the expected results.

There is some issue with either Cycles and ProRender when using them as the Capture Method. I’ll investigate further.