Sun intensity

When can we expect having sun intensity controlled? Something that would mimic cloudiness?

You can already control the intensity of the Sun and Skylight in Rendering Panel.

I am aware of it. It doesn’t change the intensity of the shadows. On a cloudy day shadows are almost non-existing.

Basic intensity is coming in the next WIP. For cloudiness, use an HDR.

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I sensed it! :star_struck:

Meanwhile, you can change shadows sharpness from Rhino Options.

I know that too. I refrain from messing in global display settings. Prefer file-to-file settings, but thanks for that.

This is great. Thank you @andy - just tested it and works exactly as expected. The main goal ever since Skylight soft shadows were introduced was to be able to use them with combo along with Sun. But until sun intensity control was implemented, it was either overexposed or skylight shadows would be too faint if lowering the skylight intensity. So now all works nicely - good light from sun and deep skylight shadows. Big improvement for realtime viewport display quality!


Hi @Piotr,

there is a loophole to control sun shadow intensity, if that helps at all:

Hi Andy
Couldn’t be more happy seeing this implemented however:

  1. Using arrows one only gets 1 or 0 values.

  2. Would be lovely to edit this value from here too.


I can edit the intensity from the lights panel - just select the Sun and click on Intensity. Don’t double click - that will open the Sun panel.

I will add finer grained control over the up/down control.

Oh yes, it works indeed. Single click only. Thanks.

If the sun had some optional width, its shadows would have a penumbra, and renderings would look better.

In Cycles world that would be smooth.

Maybe do same for color…