Can I adjust the shadow color of the SUN light?

Can I adjust he shadow color of the SUN light to a less dark gray? I know I can manually adjust the location timezone etc of the sun.

Hello - you don’t get to adjust the sun colors directly but colors in the shadows and unlit (but the sun) surfaces will be influenced by the skylight/environment colors.


Controlling sun light intensity and shadow in Rhino has been a long time wish of mine as well. Looks like @andy doesn’t see the need for this though - I don’t think this is on any To-Do list right now.

With the shadow intensity there is a loophole though - if you export the sun info to a file, the shadow intensity is part of it. If you edit it and re-import, it will work (not exposed to Rhino UI).
I wrote a script that automates this workaround - maybe this will help:

SetSunShadowIntensity.rvb (2.1 KB)



Thanks. Will give it a try.