Rhino raytraced display mode sun intensity

Hey rhino users

Is there a way of controlling the sun intensity in the raytraced display mode. For some reason the intensity input box is locked off. What am I missing?

Regards jahn

It would appear that applies to a custom Skylight, not the “sun,” in the case of the Sun being enabled it controls the skylight and the sun light, and those controls are in the Sun settings.


Thats what I would have thought as well. tried turning either off but still intensity input remains locked.
with rhino raytraced mode there is no sun options for intensity as with brazil/vray etc


cheers anyhow

Yeah there seems to be no intensity setting, just whatever it evaluates the color should be based on the sun position.

There is indeed no intensity setting for the sun directly. The intensity is calculated for you by Rhino. The intensity input you refer to in the UI is indeed for skylight.

However, there is an advanced setting that you can play with. Make a new button with this macro:

-_RhinoCycles_SetAdvancedOptions _SunlightFactor _Pause _Enter
-_SetDisplayMode _Mode _Wireframe
-_SetDisplayMode _Mode _Raytraced

For right click (to reset to default) paste macro

-_RhinoCycles_SetAdvancedOptions _SunlightFactor 3.2 _Enter
-_SetDisplayMode _Mode _Wireframe
-_SetDisplayMode _Mode _Raytraced

After playing remember to set to default value 3.2.

Excellent - thanks very much - works a treat

For anyone reading this topic, the intensity input box works when a custom skylight environment is selected.

A custom skylight environment with an HDRi. You could create a custom skylight environment that is just a solid color, for instance.