Suggestions for one good mesh editing forum using Meshlab Meshmixer blender progs

So far I have spent 30 mins getting nowhere on youtube trying to see how to repair a massive hole with meshlab, and so try meshmixer, only to have some strange layer above my model called makerbot replicator 2 and a thin black lined box heading north from that ! My model is faintly visible with a grid just below this, I get to see the model by zooming in until between that sheet and the model. No means of rotating with mouse push as us rhino users are used to.
I need a forum !
somewhere between meshlab and meshmixer and blender lies the simple art of repairing a gaping hole.

Any suggestions for a good forum please where I can mention what I need to do and users can suggest one of those three and method.

solve that sheet, its a printer bed, turned it off.

no rotate mouse control yet found. youtube says file prefs select fusion not meshmixer but it was already on that, neither option allows rotation .

Does anyone know how to set up meshmixer to navigate pan as rhino does, there is nothing worse than rmb for rotate, when in rhino lmb is rotate, etc, I need a mesh editor same for rhino and meshing. I have large gaps to sculpt and fill in, mesh to tweak and hone, . add creases to clothing etc,.



i don’t know about configure the zoom and panning because I have from default, RMB to pan and scroll to zoom. but you can use the tool “make solid” to create a new mesh on top of your object with a clean and closed mesh. where you can set the accuracy, polygon count and some settings more. under the Edit tools.