Trouble with MeshOutline

I use MeshOutline to create a machining peramiter for RhinoCAM. I’m trying to create a MeshOutline on this particular mesh but it won’t create an outline when in the top perspective. It will create an outline in any angle in perspective mode but not in the top down perspective, which is what I need. Any suggestions?ZeldaMasterSword.3dm (2.1 MB)

Thanks so much RichardZ. I thought that it wasn’t a clean mesh. I typically clean up my .stl files in ReMake, but Autodesk has discontinued ReMake and replaced it with ReCap. Can I clean it up directly in Rhino or do I need to use another third party program to clean up my .stl files?

Another curiosity though: Why would the MeshOtuline work in perspective view but not top down view? If the issue is that the mesh is sloppy wouldn’t that make it not work in any instance?

Thanks for your help RichardZ. I really appreciate it.

That’s actually really helpful RichardZ! Thank you so much. I actually didn’t model this one. I was hired to cut it on a CNC router and I was trying to program tool paths in RhinoCAM. I actually don’t need a completely intact mesh body to create tool paths the way that a 3Dprinter would need. That said you are totally right, this object was a total mess. Thanks for cleaning it up for me. I am a bit lost on cleaning up mesh bodies now that ReMake is out of commission.

BTW, did you clean this up in Rhino or did you use another program to do that? If you did it in Rhino could you tell me how you did it please? If you did it in another program could you tell me what program you used please? Thanks RichardZ. You are a big help.

Excellent! Thanks a bunch RichardZ. You’ve been a big help.