Mesh editing

This is a bit vague, but I’m wondering if someone could suggest either a plug in or some function inside Rhino that can help with mesh editing. I have imported some pretty “noisy” scan data from a next engine scanner and from 123D catch, the photogrammetry program, and I need to eliminate a lot of polygons that are spearing otherwise viable mesh polygons. As well as this there are some sizable voids that I’d like to repair so that the patches are at least roughly following the surrounding contours. I have run the mesh repair tool and this has helped to some degree but doesn’t fix everything. I have heard other complaints about Rhino as a mesh editing tool, but think this should be solvable. Any thoughts?

Hi Peter- it is hard to say without the mesh, but ExtractNonManifoldEdges might help, possibly as well as FillMeshHole(s) and just ExtractMeshFace. There are a lot of other ‘extract’ commands of different types in the Mesh menu.


Hey Pascal,
Yes, I’ve tried those commands (and also saw another thread about intersecting faces), to little avail. Is there a plug in you’re aware of, or would Grasshopper help?

Peter,can you send me the file?… I’ll see if I can help.


Hi Peter,

I have the same problem on bad or noisy scans.
Most of the time, Rhino5 locks-up on me when cleaning up scans, so I can’t use Rhino.

The cheapest solution I found is David3D.
HP bought David3D back in 2016, so now you have to get it from HP dealers.
I hear that HP hasn’t yet ruined David3D, like they do with all their other buy-outs.
It’s still developed by the Germans who created it.
I believe the name of the new version of the program is HP Scan Pro 5.

HP Scan Pro (= David3D) does an excellent job of GLOBALLY cleaning up a scan.
You may want to try it to see how it works for you.
I’ve used it on only small parts (from 1" square to as big as a car fender).

The other tool I use to clean-up meshes is MeshMixer by Autodesk.
It’s free, and does an excellent job of local mesh cleanup (SCULPT) and combining meshes.
It’s very “intuitive” (never thought I’d use that word!), and uses a push-pull type of edit.
I found it simple and easy to use, once you learn some of the commands.

Just some things to think about … Chris