#suggestion import and export 3dmax format file to rhino with material


Please provide the ability to directly import a 3dmax file with all the materials and (textures for this material)in (Rhino . {new update})

#so export and save as 3dmax format in rhino with materials

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Yes, if added it is very good

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Hi @architect.civil5 and @mehran09197306634me
The file format of 3ds max - as most otherr Autodesk programs - is proprietary, meaning that the file format is NOT open to others (without a license). As far as I know, the only programs that will, out of the box, open 3ds Max files directly are - surprise, surprise - other Autodesk programs.
But obj should carry things like mapping and textures. Are you not seeing this?
HTH, Jakob

This is not the reason why we should avoid fast file transfer capabilities regardless of settings such as atutocad2020, revit2020 who know 3dm.{format Rhino}

This problem should be resolved by the company

Hi @Normand
Yes, yes, but now there are many software that support such as Unreal Engine or LUMION software that will fix this problem live.

yes lumion9.2 now support {3dmax format file}
with all material texture

That’s because McNeel - unlike Autodesk - have made the 3dm-library available for people to use.
Lumion only imports *.max if 3ds Max is installed on the computer (Edit; See section 2 of this: https://support.lumion.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007814853-Model-import-guidelines-for-3ds-Max. As for Unreal Engine, I believe you are wrong, but you might of course be right - *.max might have been added since I last used it. Edit2: If you are refering to Unreal Datasmith, it requires a plugin to be installed in 3ds Max, that will then write a specific file for Datasmith to import; again, not the actual *.max file.

No it does not.

2. Method B: .MAX format

2.1: Alternatively, import the .MAX file in Lumion provided that you have installed 3ds Max on your computer.

Lumion will then open 3ds Max in the background and export the model to a temporary .FBX file during the import process.

You can use .fbx in rhino6 aswell.

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As I wrote: McNeel has made the 3dm format available to people. That’s not the problem! The 3ds Max file format is the problem. It’s proprietary, meaning that there will never be a “import from *.max” or a “export to *.max” The will not allow other software companies to rummage around in their file format. Use obj or fbx instead.

i do test this on lumion9.3 now
import *.max file and donot need to those alternative

Yes, but only because you have 3ds Max installed. If you look at the link I posted, you will see, that if 3ds is NOT installed, they suggest using fbx instead. Again: It requires the user to have a license, so it can’t be a default option for McNeel to offer, because it is not available to them unless they start including a 3ds Max license with every Rhino purchase, and hopefully it’ll be a cold day in hell before that happens!

And notice, that even WITH 3dsMax installed, all it does is open the program in the background and export a fbx file for Lumion to open, because in reality, Lumion doesn’t open the 3ds Max file either, because they are not allowed to by Autodesk.

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Thanks for your response
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