.max file conversion to any rhino file supported

Does anyone figured out how to import (convert) .max file type into Rhino?

See the following:

– Dale

Thanks, but like the text read, “no meshes in this model”. I did it and no model at all.

A .MAX file cannot be renamed to .3DS and then opened by Rhino…

Is this of any help?

Hi John, thanks, Rhino can actually import 3ds files, not max files, the one I’m looking for to get…

You might try searching the Forum on “MAX” files. There’s probably someone that can do the conversion for you.

More information on Dale’s comment about the elusive .MAX format


Having someone export it form you is the best way to go. If you are buying an asset from a models’ site they usually can covert for you for a small fee. Or you can always get the 3ds Max demo from Autodesk and have 30 days to get things done.

Yup, I found out the hard way, assistance from someone else. Thank you guys!


Incase anyone else comes criss this issue, as did I, I found a website that you can drag and drop a .max file into and down load as.obj. Super handy for when getting files from TurboSquid etc.

It works and its FREEEEE…

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Thank you good sir!