Successfully animating a tubing connected at both ends


Hi ! Using “History”, I used to attach the end-circles as well as the first few centerline-curve points at each end of the tubing centerline curve, to the parent object at each end of the tube connecting them. I could THEN move one object one way, the other end object differently, and the tube connecting them would “keep up”. THIS time I was unable to include the centerline curve points at each end, with the end-circle, to the parent object(s) at each end. The end-circles attached successfully as a child object, but the centerline curve end-points wouldn’t select in the Parent/Child command. The “tube” would follow, but without the centerline curve, lost the integrity of its tubing-like shape. Have we changed how we do his ? Thanks for any possible help - C.

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Could you please explain more. Maybe a graph (or a sample model)?!




Hi !

Which part did I lose you at ? Simple question first, then forward:

Any way to daughter curve control points to a parent object ?

If I want to move a part that has a tube connected to it, I’d like to use History to keep the tube connected, with it tweening properly between start-point and end-point of the parent-part motion.

I successfully daughtered the end-circle, but the centerline curve control points wouldn’t daughter, causing a motion-fail I used to be able to do.

Thanks -Animate Tubing & Connectors.3dm (2.9 MB)


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Bongo isn’t really great in this kind of circumstances.

I guess you expect to animate the movement of the assembly part and hope the tube will automatically bend, shift and follow as they would in real life, right?.

Bongo lacks the means to do so.

What can be done is turn the procedure upside-down: animate the centreline of the tube (by means of morphing) and let the assembly part follow.

The trick to make an object ‘follow’ a curve is to Simple Constrain LookAlongZUp it to the curve by one single keyframe at tick 0.

I know it’s not easy to Morph a curve into a fluent move, certainly when it has a lots of control points. Whenever possible I try to reduce the number of control points to as few as possible. Another hint is to use only 2 keyframes (start and end) because the position of EVERY control point is fixed at each keyframe. Moreover there is no modification of tweening possible for Morphing; it’s 3D Cardinal spline and that’s it.

Animate Tubing & Connectors 001.3dm (1.4 MB)
In the model I used Pipe with History to create the tube. Updating the constraints in Preview isn’t flawless. And with History involved remember to continuously press the left/right arrows on the timeline-slider to get a Preview.

Hope this can work for you,


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