Subword navigation in Rhino?

Hola! No idea if this is a question that is already asked, searched, but didn’t find anything related.

I’m mostly a Revit user and there I use to handle large lists of elements, which is, to say the least, a pain in the back when following traditional standards, since most of them use underscore " _ " as a separator, but in Revit it doesn’t work as a hard stop. So I usually use hyphens for it and go for a made up standard of “declaring-in-line” example: Chair-Recumbent_long-Vitra here each hyphen separate a statement, while underscores are used to “tie-together" words from a statement (I have problems reading CamelHump) so I can navigate with my keyboard and edit texts and lines fast, relying on Ctrl+ArrowLeft or ArrowRight to navigate.

In Rhino, we use CamelHump as standard, so my beloved keyboard navigation kicks the bucket. Is it possible to enable subword navigation in Rhino? Or does somebody know of a way that allows me to activate it in the whole OS? (I’m working in Windows)


where do you want to use this custom nomenclature?

Hi Japhy!

I would say this is going to be used mainly in the Layer, View and Block managers, later I can imagine in the Material Manager too.

Hej Aksel -
Could you please spell out the workflow here? I’m having a hard time understanding what you are trying to do.

In general, in Windows if you are in a text string you can jump from one word to the next using CTRL+RightArrow. Windows recognises a new word as text appearing after a space or a hyphen. Rhino works like this in, say, object names and layer names, but slightly differently in, say, attribute user text values.

I believe the OP is requesting that Rhino could recognise a capital letter in a text string as the start of a new word as well, so that he can easily jump between the elements of a camel case string. If there was a facility to turn this on in Windows generally (I don’t believe there is) then that would be a satisfactory alternative to modifying Rhino.


I know this is difficult to explain in a clear way, maybe the video will help. I did it in Atom. First you have Shift + Arrows; later Ctril +Arrows and, finally, what I’m looking for: Alt + Arrows allow navigation between subwords, also to every capital letter in a string (it does the same with underscore, but it isn’t in the video)