SubObject Selection Filter needed


We still don’t have a good solution for this. After all these years :neutral_face:

How do you actually want it to work? Mikko has been making “enhancements” in the WIP.

Hi Bob,

I had proposed two option (Scenario A when groups are present, and Scenario B when no groups are present) on my post from April 20117 above: SubObject Selection Filter needed

I’m having now second thoughts about Scenario A (“if you keep holding down Ctrl+Shift after a few hundred milliseconds the selectin goes away and a pop up shows up and gives you OTHER relevant choices”) since for subD work we will want absolutely immediate selection of subobects. Maybe groups should also be part of scenario B with nesting hierarchies.

I strongly believe that when a pop-up shows up, it must be show something that has been designed, crafted, and thought through in your work, in order to make our work easy. Presenting the available options in hierarchical order (like shown in my screenshot) is the best way I can think of. The current flat list in random order is just sloppy development & UX work that makes our work unnecessarily confusing and slow.

Here’s an updated screenshot including groups and also highlighting in red the ‘none’ option.

Also if you need to select something from an ortho view and your posible options are stacked in front of each other. (also applies to perspective views in some cases) the order of the nesting hierarchy should be based on closest-to-farthest approach. Like this:

…BTW I could not even get to select an edge in my screenshot above using V6 or V7. in V7 I cannot even manage to shift-ctrol-select an edge in perspective view. SubSelection is seriously broken lately, you can try it yourself:
cannot_sub-slect_edge_fron_frontview_gf_190328.3dm (2.6 MB)



As long as we keep the functionality to completely disable SubObjectSelections we should be fine, obviously any further enhancements per Gustavo suggestions would be interesting to try.
Currently could not work without the “_TestToggleSubObjectSelect” command, hope it stays in V7 or gets promoted to regular command.