SubDSweep Direction Arrows Request!

Would love to see the direction arrows like the Nurbs Sweep1, sweep2 commands in the SubdSweep1 and SubDSweep2 commands.

This function makes it nice to create nice twists in objects where the profile doesn’t change, such as a square or cushion shaped profile.



Hi Colin - are you referring to the closed curve seam and direction for the cross section shape curves?

RH-69247 SubDSweep1: Align closed curves


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Yes, that’s exactly it.

Like this:

Resulting in something like this:

Super useful for creating dynamic profiles in jewellery. Hard to reproduce easily in subD without quadremesh. Would be nice to be able to do it at once.


And have a simpler SubD with it. Lets Isocurves/faces/edges etc.

Side note- Is there a “Simplify” Subd command or something other than quadremesh?

you can sweep 1 with history, then edit the input curves and create all sorts of dynamic profiles.

I do this often and it works well in a lot of situations.

Not quite what I am after though!