SubDSweep and SubDLoft RhinoCommon

(subdSweep and subdLoft and Multipipe… )
Is this api now in common,? if not, when will these be added? Given the great features of Subd … I think users desperately need these commands.

for exmple
option and face =Pack doesn’t existed in

to (7.1 KB)

Hey @architect.civil5,

Have a Subd party…

– Dale

thanks @dale

How can I customize the “adjusted shape segments” and "adjusted rail
"like the Rhino command (apparently not provided in api sweep, loft ?!

public static SubD CreateFromSweep(

public static SubD CreateFromSweep(
NurbsCurve rail1,
NurbsCurve rail2,
IEnumerable shapes,
bool closed,
bool addCorners

Another thing is bridgSubd with the help of list item, other commands are very necessary in rhino common, grasshopper to be added

Hi @architect.civil5,

I’ve logged your request:

In the mean time, you might try rebuilding your curves to those counts.

– Dale

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