Subdivision tools are really love and pain!


Interact with pop-up windows
jc1.3dm (2.7 MB)

_ The extrudesubd command needs to add a to keep the same width as the normal face to extrude, and the pop-up UI control will be more user-friendly

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If you use extractsrf on the part you want to extrude and then use offsetsubd on it, I think you may be able to get a workaround that gets the desired result.

For the offset subdivision tool, you have to divide the face into an independent one. Wouldn’t it be better to add this offset algorithm to this tool and improve the extrusion face tool

Yes. I was just suggesting a workaround.

Also the gumball should be able to easily place itself in such a way that it can be used to extrude faces in a direction normal to them.

Looking for this ?

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Yes, I hope there is a value box that can change the height dynamic change. For example, I enter 10 and find that the result is not very good. I want to change it to 8. Now you can only go back and do it again
When you enter 10 now, there is no preview. When you are sure, it is over

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For direct value input I have assigned macro to RMB
_ExtrudeSubD _Pause B=UVN D=N _Pause

For dynamic input I had hope on command _MoveUVN, unfortunately this does not apply to SubD.
But would be ideal for such SubD extrusion corrections.