OT: Also hoping arrivals of Rhino Mac


As Rhino for Mac offers no specific tool for organic modeling, do not exist (to my knowledge) plugins to add these capabilities, I hope that the Rhino V6 SubD “experimental” functions can arrive early in Rhino Mac (and I hope in Rhino WIP at the earliest). Dream?

(Wim Dekeyser) #2

The WIPs for RH6 for Windows are (attempted) compiled for both Win and Mac platforms and it has been stated earlier that after RH6 for Windows is released, Mac Rhino will shift to the common V6 code base. At that point (and only then), the experimental SubD functionality will be available in the WIPs on Mac.

I’m curious to see how the numbering will be dealt with; the WIPs on Windows will be available to existing users of Rhino 6 whereas the same functionality will be available to existing users of Rhino 5 on Mac. :confused: I suppose it’s all just Serengeti at that point…


It this is what I expected. I just wanted to throw a stone in the pond to see if Rhino V6 (I released this year) will lead to an acceleration of the release of Mac Rhino WIP V6 :grin: