Cant find SubDFromMesh Command

Hello everyone,

I have seen a couple of tutorials online that dates back to 2019 for using SubDFromMesh commands in Rhino 6 but cannot seem to find it in my Rhino 6 version (I have the latest update for Rhino6). I have even downloaded Rhino WIP and cannot find any of the commands I see in any of the tutorials online.

Any chance someone can help explain to me where or how to find them ?

For Example:

ToSubD (and there is a whole SubD toolbar)

Thank you Michael ! Any chance you can tell me under which tab the SubD toolbar is ?

Ah sorry. It is in Rhino 7 WIP. Rhino 6 subD is much outdated and mostly hidden. Just download the WIP.

Perfect. Just found it in Rhino 7 WIP under “New in V7”. However, I still cant find the command SubDfromMesh

Hello - in V7/WIP,. use ToSubD Other commands also have optional SubD output.


awesome, it worked, thank you. Its behaving abit different than the older videos on youtube that I am following but I will play around with it to see how it behaves.

As I told you. It is ToSubD