Subdivide Surface by Repeating Module

I am trying to break up a surface into smaller planar pieces, perhaps using one repeating module to rebuild entire surface, or a few modules that come together to build the surface. I understand that some of the geometry may be lost. Please find the Rhino file below, as well as images of what I am trying to achieve.
(upload://h1kuX14GKuPRl51am8k2jbaMXcc.jpg)Skin.3dm (3.6 MB)

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  1. What shape do you want the panels to be? Triangle? Hexagon or Rectangles?

  2. Do you want all the panel (do its best) to be the same size, or it doesn’t really matter?


Hey! I actually have not decided on a particular shape, I want to see how all three would look.
I would like the panels to be the same size, or if not the same size, maybe 3-4 different sizes. The purpose is what I’m doing is to make a form that can be made using one, or a few shapes.

Look here and search similar subjects.

Use meshmachine from Daniel Piker for the first.
For the second

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Also never forget

Similarly, questions in the form of “ How do I quickly recreate this facade that took a team of skilled professionals four months to figure out? ” have a very low success rate.

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If you don’t even know which shape you want, may have a look at Lunchbox: You can easily try different grids to get first impression.

Thanks, but I have spent an immense amount of time on lunchbox, and succeeded with nothing other than a grid of shapes in which each shape has an entirely unique dimension.

By looking at the post @laurent_delrieu linked I also found this link which seems interesting.
As a friendly advice,please try to have a different perspective about spending an immense amount of time succeeding with nothing etc…, my advice would be to try to understand the method or methods people try to use to accomplish what you’re after. There are some really nice free plug-ins which help a lot, but for a lot of tasks there is no specific one program / press one button solution.

As I understand finding families for the paneling of an entire surface is no easy task, for which specialists spend time and effort.

Also maybe look at this:

I’ve heard It does something close to what youre after, but i think you have to give a base mesh/wireframe to start the clustering/optimization. You could use lunchbox/weaverbird to build your initial mesh.

Best of luck

Ok, but you still don’t know which form the panels should have? I don’t think it will make a big difference if the Panels are in a complete Domain between 1 and 2 for example or just 1, 1.5 and 2.
You didn’t even attached a try on gh but want this forum to make you an universal script and spend our “immense amount of time” on your project?
So better ask a bit more presicly on such a complex question and know what you want.
And don’t forget what @Michael_Pryor wrote.

That’s a lot of work in Catia.

I think I’d like to go with hexagons or rectangles, whichever I can make work.

please to all present architects never ever feel bored in creating affordable, simple but good and solid architecture.:slightly_smiling_face:You all have great responsibility ! Happy easter.:rabbit: